PTFE Liners: A Significant Breakthrough in Medical Sciences

PTFE liners are a major breakthrough in medical sciences, enabling doctors and researchers to use them for a wide range of applications. They are made from a lightweight and extremely durable material. It has been used for decades to make instruments and other medical implements, but only recently has it been adapted for use in prosthetic liners. This material is incredibly versatile, allowing for a wide range of customization to meet individual needs.

Now, you must be wondering how PTFE Liners are designed and their applications in the medical field. And what is this PTFE that we will be discussing in the article?

How PTFE came into existence?

PTFE popularly known as Polytetrafluoroethylene is a synthetic fluoropolymer. And the surprising thing that most people don’t know about it is that it was discovered accidentally in 1938 by Roy j. Plunkett when he was working for DuPont in New Jersey.
The tetrafluoroethylene gas in the pressure bottle that Plunkett was using to create a new chlorofluorocarbon refrigerant stopped flowing before the weight of the container reached the level that indicated it was ‘empty’. Plunkett weighed the bottle to determine the amount of gas consumed, but he soon grew interested in the weight’s origin and resorted to chopping the bottle in half. He discovered a waxy, white substance that was strangely slippery on the inside of the bottle. Analysis revealed that it was polymerized perfluoro ethylene, and under high pressure, the iron from the inside of the container had served as a catalyst. In this way, we got PTFE as a revolutionary polymer in the medical industry.
Ok, now the point is-

What is the reason behind its wide use?

Now you must be familiar with PTFE as you are reading the article from the beginning till here and understood what PTFE is and its birth story. The next thing coming up in the line is why it is so popular for use in medical device manufacturing. Which special qualities does it possess that make it stand out from other polymers? Ok, let’s break the suspense and proceed further.

Special features of PTFE:

  • Absolute inert behavior
  • High chemical resistance
  • Lowest coefficient of friction
  • The extreme working thermal range of -270 °C to 260 °C
  • Excellent insulator for dielectrics
  • Biocompatible makes it ideal for use in transplants

Moreover, it is not melt-process able in this form but professionals have developed its form which is melt-process able that is FEP. FEP is fluorinated ethylene propylene and has entirely the same properties as PTFE but it has low heat shrink temperature and is UV resistant which makes it ideal for designing products requiring high clarity, chemically resistant, and comparatively lower stiffness. In addition, PTFE needs to be etched in some cases due to its extremely slippery behavior. This Etched PTFE is easy to get bonded to other polymers for use in various manufacturing processes. A mixture of sodium and ammonia is used to perform PTFE etching. So, these are the reasons that make it quite famous as a commercial polymer.

PTFE Liner: What is it?

As the name indicates, a PTFE Liner is designed using PTFE polymer due to its special features. PTFE is used as a liner in Catheters due to the reason that they provide a smooth, low-friction surface that helps reduce the risk of infection and tissue damage. They are also biocompatible, so most people won’t experience an allergic reaction or any negative response.

Wide use of PTFE Liners includes:

  • Guide Catheters
  • Deflectable Catheters
  • Steered Catheters
  • Device delivery systems

PTFE Liners: Amazing Benefits

PTFE liners have revolutionized the medical field in recent years.

  • These liners are used for a wide variety of medical procedures, including joint replacement surgery and cardiovascular intervention.
  • PTFE liners are highly durable and can withstand extreme temperatures, making them perfect for use in minimally invasive medical procedures.
  • PTFE liners can be easily molded into any shape, allowing them to be used in complex medical procedures.
  • These liners are made from Teflon, which is renowned for its strength and non-stick qualities, making them ideal for applications in sensitive medical environments.
  • PTFE liners are also resistant to most chemicals, making them a safer choice for the medical device or component production.
  • They are extremely lightweight, making them easy to install in confined areas with limited access and allowing them to be used in many different types of medical equipment.
  • They provide superior protection against severe wear and tear during frequent use. This makes them useful for medical devices such as catheters, stents, and guidewires, as these tools require reliable protection against abrasion and damage.

Where can you buy the best cum high-performance PTFE Liners?

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