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In interventional cardiology, a Guide Catheter with a PTFE lining pipe serves as a crucial instrument for the smooth entry of other devices or instruments into the vessel. Whether it’s lasers, stents, or balloons for angioplasty, our PTFE Catheter ensures an easier and more precise placement.

The success of interventional cardiology hinges on optimal guide catheter support. The perfect guide catheter brings together an atraumatic soft tip, superior torque control, sufficient support, and minimal surface frictional resistance, ensuring excellent trackability of devices.

    Features of DTC Guide Catheter with PTFE Lining Pipe:

    Our Guide Catheter with PTFE catheter liner stands out in the market with the following unique features:

  • Wire braided construction for high torque, stability, and control.
  • Sizes ranging from 4F to 8F, ensuring the right fit for every procedure.
  • Multi-durometer sections offer varying degrees of flexibility.
  • Soft atraumatic bumper tip to minimize damage to vessels and tissue.
  • A combination of a large lumen and thin wall for easy passage through complex anatomy.
  • Comes with low-friction polytetrafluoroethylene tubing that supports the smooth delivery of guidewires or high-viscosity fluids.
  • Excellent catheter shape retention for maximum reliability during prolonged operation.
  • Made from a variety of high-quality materials, including Pebax, PTFE, Nylon, FEP, PU, HDPE, and ETFE.
  • Comes in a variety of shapes, including LCB, RCB, EBU, Amplatz Left, Jacky, Tiger, Judkins Right (JR), Multipurpose A2, IM, IM VB-1, Judkins Left (JL), and 3D LIMA.

Why Choose Guide Catheters with PTFE Catheter Liner from DTC?

At DTC, we understand the critical role they play in facilitating the placement of devices such as lasers, stents, and balloons for angioplasty. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to manufacturing a Guide Catheter with a PTFE catheter liner that offers precision, performance, and reliability.

PTFE Liner: Smooth Delivery of Devices

Our Guide Catheters feature a low-friction PTFE liner or Polytetrafluoroethylene tubing. This liner is designed to support the smooth delivery of guidewires or high-viscosity fluids during interventional procedures. As a leading manufacturer of PTFE tubing, we ensure our products meet the highest industry standards.

Wire Braided Construction: Stability and Control

Stability and control are crucial during interventional cardiology procedures. Our Guide Catheters feature a wire-braided construction that offers high torque, stability, and control. At DTC we offer different braid patterns such as Diamond, Regular, Half Load, and Coil. This design feature ensures that our catheters can navigate complex anatomy with ease.

Atraumatic Bumper Tip: Minimizing Damage

“Patient safety is our top priority. That’s why our Guide Catheters feature a soft atraumatic bumper tip. This tip is designed to minimize damage to vessels and tissue during procedures.

Customizable Features: Meeting Your Unique Needs

At DTC, we understand that every procedure is unique. That’s why we offer customizable features for our Guide Catheters. From different sizes and shapes to customizable braid patterns and color options, we can tailor our products to meet your specific needs.

Shape Option: To Introduce Diversity

DTC Guiding Catheters come in a wide array of shapes, offering flexibility and choice to our clients. We offer the most frequently used diagnostic coronary catheter shapes to meet your diverse needs. Depending on the specific needs of the procedure, we also offer different wire types such as Round, Flat, and Hybrid (Round & Flat).

High-Quality Materials: For Optimal Performance

We use a variety of materials for our catheters, including Pebax, PTFE, Nylon, FEP, PU, HDPE, and ETFE. Our wire materials include Stainless Steel, Nitinol, Copper, PEEK, and Nylon. We also offer different braid patterns such as Diamond, Regular, Half Load, and Coil.

Value-Added Services

Our services extend beyond manufacturing. We offer tip forming, flaring, bonding, hydrophilic coating, and even the embedding of platinum/gold marker bands. We also provide tungsten fillers and marker bands, hub and strain relief attachments, and printing services

Other DTC Products

In addition to our Guide Catheters with PTFE lining pipe, we offer a range of other products, including Angiographic Catheters, Balloon Tubing, Braided Catheter Assemblies, Extension Tubing, Introducer Sheaths and Dilators, PTFE Lined Catheters, IV Catheters, Insulin Delivery Tubing, and Peripheral Intervention Catheters.”

Partner with DTC for Your Guide Catheter Needs

Whether you’re a healthcare professional or a medical device distributor, DTC is your trusted partner for high-quality Guide Catheters. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

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