Braided Catheter Shaft

Braided Catheter

The Braided and Coiled catheter shaft is a tribute to accuracy, durability, and innovation in medical developments. Our DTC catheter is more than simply a catheter; it represents a revolution in patient care and medical operations.

Key Features of DTC Braid-Reinforced Catheter Shaft

Here are the salient features of our Braided Catheter Shaft:

  • Thin-Walled Design: Our precisely developed thin-walled designs provide the ultimate elegance, assuring little intrusion and maximum efficiency.
  • Diverse Size Range: Our size range caters to a wide range of medical demands, from the small 1.5F to the strong 28F, ensuring that you always have the correct instrument for the task.
  • Collaborative Performance Analysis: We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to collaborative performance analysis. Our partnership with partners digs far into assessing the optimal balance for each specific necessity, guaranteeing that each catheter we make is more than simply a product but a personalized solution.

OEM Braided Catheter Shaft Technologies

The braid-reinforced catheter shaft technology we utilize in our coiled and braided shafts is as follows:

  • Shafts with Multiple Lumens: Improve your medical operations by using our multi-lumen shafts, which are engineered for adaptability and precision in a variety of applications.
  • Braid-to-Coil Conversions: Our braid-to-coil conversions provide versatility for a wide range of medical settings.
  • Deflectable and Fixed Curve Shafts: Whether you need flexibility or stability, our deflectable and fixed curve shafts meet all your requirements, delivering the best patient care.
  • Multi-Durometer Shafts: Our multi-durometer shafts give the best of both worlds, with different degrees of flexibility and stiffness according to your needs.
  • Variable Pitch Coils and Pick Count Braids: Our variable pitch coils and pick count braids allow you to fine-tune the mechanical parameters of your catheter for unsurpassed performance.
  • Coiled Esophageal Technology: Harness the power of our coiled esophageal technology, designed for optimal functionality and patient comfort.

coiled esophogeal

More About DTC Braided Shafts

Here’s a closer look at our braided catheter shaft:

  • Specifications for the braid: Dive into a world of precision with braids that range from 2F to 26F and have a single wall density as thin as 0.005 in/0.13 mm.
  • Coil Specifications: Experience the pinnacle of engineering with coils ranging from 1.5F to 28F, with a single wall density of 0.003 in/0.08 mm.
  • Outer Jacket Materials: Find the ideal balance of toughness and flexibility with our selection of materials, which includes polyamide, polyether block amide (PEBA), urethane, and bespoke mixes suited to your specifications.
  • Dimensions and wire types: Our wires, whether round, flat, or ribbon, are designed for maximum performance. They are made from materials such as stainless steel, aramid, and fabric and have diameters ranging from 0.0005″ to 0.010″, guaranteeing that you have the right wire for any application.
  • Material and Types of Liners: With our many liner choices, you may improve your medical treatments. We have fluoropolymers like PTFE, FEP, and eTEP, as well as thermoplastics like polyamide and PEBA. Other materials, such as polyimide and PEEK, are available for individuals looking for something special.

Wire Details of Our Braid-Reinforced Catheter Shafts – Crafted for Performance, Designed for Excellence

  • Shapes to Suit Every Need: Round for standard applications, flat for increased surface area, or ribbon for specialty operations, our wires are as different as your requirements.
  • Materials Beyond the Ordinary: Extraordinary materials include stainless steel for strength, aramid for flexibility, and cloth for unique purposes. You’re always armed with the finest when you work with DTC.
  • Diameter Range: Precision is our credo when it comes to diameter range. We ensure that you have the exact specs you need for best performance by offering wire diameters ranging from 0.0005″ to 0.010″.

Liners and Their Types – Seamless Integration for Enhanced Performance

  • Fluoropolymer Liners: Discover the versatility and tenacity of our fluoropolymer liners. Our portfolio of PTFE, FEP, and eFEP custom liners, as well as eTEP, PVDF, and PFA custom liners, assures excellent functioning and lifespan.
  • Thermoplastic Liners: Dive into the world of thermoplastics with polyamide, PEBA, PU, and PE liners. They are ideal for a variety of medical applications due to their durability and flexibility.
  • Specialized Liner Materials: For those looking for something out of the ordinary, we provide liners composed of unusual materials like polyimide and PEEK, guaranteeing you have the best instruments for specialist processes.

Marker Bands – Precision Marking for Accurate Procedures

  • Gold and Platinum Bands: Enhance your treatments with our superior gold and platinum marker bands, which ensure excellent visibility and precision during medical applications.
  • Radiopaque Polymers: Improve the precision with our radiopaque polymer marker bands, which are designed for clear visibility under imaging, resulting in safer and more successful operations.

Customization Options – Crafting Catheters Tailored to Your Needs

  • Braid Thickness Varieties: From ultra-thin to sturdy, our braid thickness range guarantees that you have the right catheter for every medical need.
  • Configurations for Mechanical Properties: Dive deep into personalization with our configurations, which allow you to fine-tune your catheter’s mechanical characteristics for unrivaled performance.

Secondary Operations of Our OEM Braided & Coiled Catheter Shafts

Here’s how DTC is improving catheter performance using sophisticated approaches.

  • Curving, Funneling, and Bonding: With our specific procedures, you may improve catheter functioning while assuring maximum performance and flexibility in a variety of medical circumstances.
  • Porting, Tapering, and Tipping: Secondary procedures like porting, tapering, and tipping guarantee that every catheter is perfectly suited to fulfill the most demanding medical criteria.
  • Single and Multi-Durometer Options: To meet a variety of medical demands, our designs are available in single and multi-durometer configurations, providing the ideal mix of flexibility and stiffness.
  • Unique Material Fusion and Color Concentrates: With our unique material fusion choices and color concentrates, you may customize your catheters to match your medical brand and specifications.
  • Radiopaque Fillers: Our radiopaque fillers improve visibility and accuracy during treatments, assuring patient safety and precision at every stage.

Additional Processes for Braided Catheter – Advanced Procedures for Enhanced Performance

  • Tip Forming and Flaring: Our sophisticated tip-forming and flaring processes provide excellent functioning and patient comfort during operations.
  • Catheter Reflow and Welding: Our catheter reflow and welding methods provide the smooth integration of components, assuring durability and lifespan.
  • Coating Techniques: Our specific coating methods can improve the patient experience. We have hydrophilic coatings for easy insertions and anti-microbial coatings for increased safety.

Why Choose Braided Catheter Shaft from DTC?

Here are some reasons you should use a DTC braid-reinforced and coiled catheter shafts:

  • Kink Resistance: Say goodbye to operational interruptions. Our braid-reinforced catheter shafts are engineered to resist kinking, resulting in smooth, trouble-free treatments.
  • Torque Response: Feel precise with every twist and turn. Our braided & coiled catheters provide outstanding torque response, giving medical practitioners unrivaled control throughout procedures.
  • Resilience and Column Strength: Made to last. Our braided catheter shafts have outstanding resilience and column strength, allowing them to endure the rigors of medical applications.
  • Industry-Leading Techniques: Our patented processes distinguish us, guaranteeing that you obtain a product at the cutting edge of medical innovation.
  • Tailored Solutions: We recognize that each medical situation is unique. That is why we provide personalized solutions, guaranteeing that our catheter shafts meet your individual demands perfectly.
  • Versatility at Its Best: From braid thickness to coil conversions, our selection guarantees that you are always prepared to face any medical problem.

Contact and Collaboration

Join Hands with DTC & Partners for a Brighter Medical Future.

Collaborative Approach:

Collaboration is at the heart of innovation at DTC & Partners. We collaborate closely with our partners to comprehend and address individual needs, assuring mutual growth and success.

Reach Out to Us:

Do you want to learn more or collaborate with us? Contact our knowledgeable staff, and let’s go on a path of medical innovation together.

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