Braided Catheter Shaft

Braided Catheter

DTC & Partners use proprietary techniques for providing thin-walled, braided, and coiled catheters that range from 1.5F to 28F. We collaborate with you for analyzing the right balance between column strength, resilience, kink resistance, and torque response in the thinnest wall to meet the performance needs.

Catheter Shaft Technologies

  • Multi-Lumen Shafts
  • Braid to coil conversions
  • Deflectable and fixed curve shafts 
  • Multi-durometer shafts
  • Variable pitch coils and pick count braids
coiled esophogeal
DTC Capabilities
  • Braid – OD from 2F to 26F, single wall density down to 0.005 in/0.13 mm
  • Coil – OD from 1.5F to 28F, single wall density down to 0.003 in/0.08 mm
  • Outer Jacket – polyamide, polyether block amide (PEBA) & urethane, custom blends
  • Wire:
    • Round, Flat, and Ribbon
    • Stainless Steel, aramid, and Fabric
    • The diameter of the wire is from 0.0005” to 0.010”
  • Liners:
    • Fluoropolymer:  PTFE, FEP, eFEP, eTEP, PVDF, PFA custom liners
    • Thermoplastic:  polyamide, PEBA, PU, PE
    • Others:  polyimide, PEEK
  • Marker Bands – gold, platinum, radiopaque polymers
  • Secondary Operations – funneling, curving, bonding, porting, tapering, and tipping
  • There are single and multi-durometer options available
  • Custom material fusion, color concentrates, and radiopaque fillers
  • Different variety of braid thickness and configurations that allow you to customize your catheter’s mechanical properties
  • There are secondary processes provided for braided catheters like tip forming, flaring, catheter reflow, welding, and coating
  • Hydrophilic and anti-microbial coating options are available
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