Medical Balloons & Balloon Tubing

Balloon Tubing

High-Feature and High-Performace Medical Balloons

  • Stiff Resistance
  • Highest Flare Pressures
  • Narrow Walls
  • Particular Balloon Designs Options (either multi-lumen, coated, or bent-balloon

Applications of Complicated Medical Balloon

  • Dilatation: The high-pressure medical balloons apply a force to widen the constraints or unclog arteries. These medical balloons are non-elastic and cling to their size and shape under pressure. They have applications in other body areas as well for esophageal dilatation, ureteral dilatation, heart valve dilatation, and much more.
  • Stent Delivery: They can be used to expand and post-stretch stents to slash the rate of arterial restenosis and subtle reclosure ensuing angioplasty. The low compliant balloons make sure that there will be no over-expansion of arteries.
  • Arranging:
    • The neutralized balloons have application in arranging numerous instruments or devices to settle on one wall in a vessel or body cavity.
    • The symmetrical balloons accurately center an instrument in the body cavity.
    • A dogbone shape balloon can be used to seat a device alongside a valve.
  • Occlusion: Various shape body cavities can be filled up by using low-pressure, elastomeric balloons.
  • Endovascular Graft Delivery: A balloon can be expanded within the artery to open and attach grafts to an artery wall
  • Energy Delivery: Because the ultra-thin walls of high-pressure balloons providing a high rate of heat transfer, they can be used to transmit heat or cold
  • Light Therapy: As the PET balloons are optically clear, they grant light transmission over a broad spectrum. Thus, they are well-suited for Laser Balloon Angioplasty and Photo Dynamic Therapy with light-activated drugs.
  • Drug Transfer: A dog-bone shaped balloon can be used to seal off an area that needs to be treated without exposing a large area to the aid.

Vast Selection in the Industry

Our range of medical balloons fits the need of any application! What you will get is:

  • Simple to complicated shape as well as ends
  • Compliant, Non-compliant, and semi-compliant type
  • Diversified materials

Balloon Tubing

The manufacturing partner of Dutch Technology Catheters produces tubing with a persistent wall thickness and finest concentricity. Additionally, our expertise in exclusion holding the tight OD and ID toughness and measuring mechanical properties yields better results.

Materials Used
  • Nylon 12, Grilamid, and Vestamid
  • Supervised thermoplastic elastomers like Pebax
Size Range
  • OD – 0.015” to 0.280” (+/- 0.00075” to +/- 0.00125”)
  • ID – 0.009” to 0.232” (+/- 0.00075” to +/- 0.00125”)
  • Wall Density – 0.003” to 0.024”
  • Ovality – 3-4%, depending on the size
  • Concentricity – 80-90%, depending on the size
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