Oem IV Catheter Tubing

Braided Catheter

DTC Manufacturing partner is the IV Catheter Tubing leading supplier to IV catheter manufactures around the world.The accurate FEP/PU radiopaque tubing has supervised dimensional cohesion and you will get the customized size as per your choice. DTC Manufacturing partner’s IV catheter tubing gives its customers a leading edge by enhancing yields, reducing lead times, and increasing cost competitiveness.


The industry-leading resistance levels (down to 0.02mm) custom-tailored sizes to the needs of the customer complete range of 14-26 Gauge tubing finest radiopaque visibility systematic striping fully embedded within the tube walls
Comprehensive statistical reports provided including production charts per lot 100% production and packaging within class 100K cleanrooms 100% traceability on all products.
Shortest lead times in the IV catheter tubing industry Highly technical engineering team provided global on-site support Tubing supplied in spools and/or cut pieces at no additional charge
  • Simple and economical to the secondary processes like forming, bonding, reflow, etc.
  • Materials used are: Pebax, Nylon, Polyurethane
  • Application area: Guidewires, guide catheters, etc.
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Customize Balloon Development

Online balloon design for minimally invasive balloons including angioplasty, valvuloplasty, compliant, non-compliant, semi compliant balloons and custom designs.

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Unit conversion: 1 mil = 0.001” = 0.0254mm 1 Atm = 0.1013 MPa = 14.7 PSI

Double Wall Thickness: Wall Thickness x 2.

Indicate Delivery System/Shaft size compatibility or Balloon Neck Size

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