Angiographic Diagnostic Catheter

Angiographic Catheter

Features of Angiographic Diagnostic Catheter

  • The layering of Tungsten in the distal catheter segment ends in a highly radiopaque catheter tip stimulating a clear fluoroscopic visualization.
  • The support and excellent diverse flow result of the catheter tip conclude in the clear image of the vasculature.
  • To reduce the risk of any agony during contrast injection, soft tip material is designed.
  • The advanced tip construction helps in providing the elasticity balance and shape retention which is required for a successful approach and stable purchase.
  • The polished and tapered tip design help in providing smooth tip-to-wire evolution for simplifying the crossing and entry.
  • To promote exact positioning, a predictable torque response is designed.
  • The advanced braided shaft is designed to uphold the kink resistance and pushability for mitigating the advancement through circuitous and distal anatomy.
  • A reliable, fluted hub is designed to relieve guidewire manipulation. It provides relief from the stretch for the kink-resistance advancement.
  • To meet the specific clinical requirements, a wide variety of shapes provides adaptability.

Dutch Technology Catheters and Partners Guide Catheter Manufacturing has the Industry best cost to performance ratio and specialized specifically in Catheter manufacturing OEM for high volumes. Our facility is equipped with the latest technology in catheter manufacturing and quality control.

We import almost all equipment and materials exclusively from the US and Europe, Class ll, and lll FDA / CE Validated components, have a 7000 Sq. Ft. total cleanroom area (two class 100K and one class 10K), can handle high volumes continuous orders.

We have a proven track record in the medical device industry, 100% Medical Focused and ISO 13485 certified, Industry best cost to performance ratio. One of a kind catheter manufacturing site in Asia and a one stop shop for full catheter manufacturing specialized in contract manufacturing (OEM).

Our team brings decades of experience in micro-extrusions and complex catheter manufacturing – Able to achieve industry leading tolerances and precision.


A Guide catheter makes it easier to enter that vessel with other devices or instruments. Guide catheters are used to facilitate the placement of lasers, stents, and balloons for angioplasty.

An optimal guide catheter support is vital for successful interventional cardiology. The ideal guide catheter has an atraumatic soft tip, excellent torque control, adequate support, and low surface frictional resistance for good trackability of devices.

    Guide Catheter features:
  • Wire braided construction for high torque, stability and control.
  • Multi-durometer sections provide varying degrees of flexibility.
  • Soft atraumatic bumper tip minimizes damage to vessels and tissue.
  • A combination of a large lumen and thin wall enables ease of passage through complex anatomy.
  • Low friction PTFE liner that supports the smooth delivery of guidewires or high viscosity fluids.
  • Excellent catheter shape retention provides maximum reliability for prolonged operation.

Most frequently used diagnostic coronary catheter shapes: LCB, RCB, EBU,Amplatz Left, Jacky, Tiger, Judkins Right (JR), Multipurpose A2, IM, IM VB-1,Judkins Left (JL),3D LIMA

Our Service:
  • Sizes from 4F – 8F
  • Widely available choice of guide catheter shapes
  • Customizable braid patterns and color
  • Value-added services: Tip forming, flaring, bonding, hydrophilic coating, embedded platinum/gold marker bands, tungsten fillers and marker bands, hub and strain relief attachments, printing.

Catheter Materials: Pebax, PTFE, Nylon, FEP, PU, HDPE, ETFE

Wire Type: Round, Flat, Hybrid (Round & Flat)

Wire Materials: Stainless Steel, Nitinol, Copper, PEEK, Nylon

Braid Patterns: Diamond, Regular, Half Load, Coil

Other common DTC products: Angiographic catheters, Balloon tubing, Braided catheter assemblies, Extension tubing, Introducer sheaths and dilators PTFE lined catheters, IV catheters, Insulin delivery tubing, Peripheral intervention catheters.

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