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Polyether ether-ketone(PEEK) is a thermoplastic polymer with properties ideally suited to medical applications. It is a biocompatible material with high tensile strength, temperature resistance, and radiopacity, while also allowing for various type of thermoforming modifications. Our manufacturing partner has the expertise to custom tailor the mechanical properties of extruded PEEK to meet your most exacting requirements.


Key Features of OEM PEEK Tubing

The PEEK tubes manufactured at DTC exhibit the following notable characteristics:

  • Outstanding Mechanical Prowess: OEM PEEK tube exhibits remarkable mechanical strength and notable tensile strength. This characteristic ensures that the tubing is capable of withstanding the rigorous requirements of medical procedures while retaining its structural integrity and reliability.
  • Chemical Resistance: Our PEEK medical tubing exhibits exceptional chemical resistance, rendering it a highly suitable option for applications necessitating contact with various pollutants. The resilience exhibited by the tubing contributes to its durability in challenging medical environments.
  • Low Friction Advantage: DTC PEEK tube offers a significantly low friction coefficient. This quality is particularly sought in medical procedures requiring precise and seamless movements. The presence of reduced friction ensures that gadgets or materials can readily undergo smooth sliding motion within the tube.
  • Insulation Power: Our PEEK medical tubes have remarkable insulating capabilities, rendering them indispensable for applications involving electrical components or necessitating electrical isolation. This particular attribute enhances the safety and efficacy of medical apparatus.
  • Hydrolysis Resistance: DTC PEEK tube is renowned for its notable resistance to hydrolysis, rendering it capable of withstanding prolonged contact with moisture and water without undergoing degradation. The presence of resistance is of utmost importance in scenarios when the tubing is anticipated to encounter bodily fluids or other aqueous substances.
  • Radiation Resilience: The radiation resistance of our PEEK medical tubing is a notable advantage in medical settings where the potential for radiation exposure is a matter of concern. Even in environments with high levels of radiation, the tubing maintains its structural integrity, ensuring reliable functionality.
  • Biocompatibility: OEM PEEK tubes demonstrate biocompatibility and satisfy the biocompatibility standards outlined in the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Class VI requirements. The biocompatibility of medical devices that come into contact with the human body is of utmost importance, as it plays a crucial role in ensuring patient safety and reducing the probability of adverse reactions.

Advantages of Choosing PEEK Tubing from DTC

When you choose PEEK tubing from DTC, you benefit from:

Solvent Resistance:

Our PEEK tubing exhibits a passive response to a wide range of solvents, rendering it a dependable option for medical operations that necessitate exposure to diverse chemicals and solvents. The resistance of the tube guarantees its stability and prevents any adverse effects.

Durability and Lightweight:

DTC’s PEEK tubing exhibits a remarkable ratio of durability to weight, effectively integrating robustness and elasticity within a lightweight framework. This feature facilitates the handling and transportation of the product while also guaranteeing its durability and effectiveness in medical contexts.

Resistant to Thermal Degradation:

Our PEEK tube has notable resistance to thermal degradation, demonstrating its ability to maintain structural integrity even under elevated temperatures. The preservation of thermal stability is of utmost importance in medical contexts where heightened temperatures are frequently encountered. The integrity and performance of our tubing can be relied upon.

Excellent Pushability:

DTC’s PEEK tubing offers exceptional pushability, enabling precise control in the context of medical procedures. The exceptional pushability of this technology guarantees enhanced maneuverability and control, facilitating the precise guidance of medical equipment and materials. Consequently, it contributes to the overall improvement of procedure accuracy.

High Tensile Strength:

The PEEK tubing we have designed has a notable degree of tensile strength, contributing to its overall reliability. This attribute has significant importance in medical contexts, particularly when the tubing is subjected to mechanical strain and necessitates preserving its structural integrity.

Chemical Inertness:

Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) exhibits intrinsic resistance to chemical reactions. The chemical inertness of the tubing guarantees its stability and resistance to chemical exposure, hence enhancing its durability.

Low Moisture Absorption:

The preservation of stability in diverse situations is of utmost importance in medical environments, particularly with regard to the low absorption of moisture. Our PEEK tubing exhibits a notable characteristic of little moisture absorption, guaranteeing the preservation of its structural integrity and optimal functionality, even when exposed to high humidity levels.

High Flexural Strength:

The material exhibits a high flexural strength, enabling it to easily withstand mechanical stress. Our PEEK medical tubing has a notable level of flexural strength, which enables it to withstand bending and stress without compromising its structural integrity or operational effectiveness.

Why Choose PEEK Tubing from DTC?

Here is why you should choose PEEK medical tubing from DTC:

  • Customization: The PEEK tubing offered by our company may be specifically designed to align with the precise parameters provided by customers, guaranteeing its suitability for their individual requirements.
  • Contemporary Alternative: PEEK tubing is a modern alternative to conventional stainless steel tubing.
  • Diverse Assortment of Sizes and Colors: Select from an extensive array of sizes and color choices to accommodate your specific needs.
  • Bioinert and high-temperature resistant materials: This is highly essential for ensuring safety and dependability in many medical applications.
  • Biocompatibility: The biocompatibility of our PEEK tubing is in accordance with the requirements set by USP Class VI.
  • Steady Internal Surface: The use of a stable internal surface can significantly improve the resolution of sample bands, enhancing the accuracy of medical diagnostics.

Explore More Possibilities In Medical Tubing with DTC!

Discover the vast potential of polyetheretherketone (PEEK) tubes in the vast diversity of medical tubings with DTC. Please feel free to reach out to us to discuss your needs and place your order. We also have a wide collection of other medical instruments, including guide catheters, IV catheter tubings, dilators and introducer sheaths, sheath tubings, PTFE medical tubing, PTFE liners, extrusions, etc.

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