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Exploring the 2023 Latest Developments in PTFE Liners with Dutch Technology catheters

PTFE liners are a significant breakthrough in the medical sciences, providing a versatile and durable solution to many of the challenges faced by medical professionals. These liners are constructed from Teflon, which is well known for its durability and ability to resist sticking, making them perfect for use in sensitive medical conditions.

Before discussing the latest developments in PTFE Liners at DTC, let us first give you an overview of PTFE & its liners.

Do you know what PTFE is?

It is good if you know already but if you don’t know then relax guys there is no issue we are here to tell you about this wondrous substance in detail. 

PTFE, in simple words, is Polytetrafluoroethylene a synthetic fluoropolymer. It was accidentally discovered in 1938 by Roy J. Plunkett when he was working for DuPont in New Jersey. If you want to know the story behind its discovery, kindly refer to our previous blog – Click here

As soon as PTFE was discovered, it proved to be a major innovation in the scientific world that has changed the world of medical sciences. And all this credit goes to the magical characteristics of PTFE which are hard to ignore.

PTFE – The wonder Polymer

You must be thinking why we are calling this substance called PTFE the wonder polymer. It is because it has revolutionized the manufacturing of invasive devices & opened up new ways of hope to get more advanced & reliable treatment for numerous patients undergoing coronary interventions.

The unique characteristics of PTFE responsible for making it a wonder polymer are as under:

  • Extremely low coefficient of friction which makes it convenient for placements.
  • Highly lubricious & non-sticky making it a top choice for invasive procedures.
  • Completely non-reactive so no risk of infections with PTFE products
  • Extreme working temperature range of -270 °C to 260 °C.
  • Excellent insulator for dielectrics.
  • Biocompatible making it ideal for use inside the human body without any fear of risks.

After going through the exceptional properties of PTFE, you will agree with our statement that it is undoubtedly a wonder polymer. 

But here one question will come into your mind if PTFE is so much slippery in nature, how we can attach/bond it to other substances? It is a good & interesting question. To answer this, we will introduce you to a new concept which is the etching of PTFE. Now, let’s understand this concept in detail. 

What does PTFE etching mean?

Etching is a specific chemical process to make PTFE bondable to other substances. Usually, a mixture of sodium and ammonia is used to perform PTFE etching as it is more cost-effective than other methods. The resultant product is an Etched PTFE, ready to bond with other substances as its roughened surface has a sticking property. To explore this in-depth, you can visit here-

What is the need for PTFE Etching?

We have been discussing PTFE etching but here we will tell you the reason behind its need. PTFE is a substance that is extensively used in almost all major industries. From the aerospace and automotive industries to musical instrument maintenance, this extremely lubricious and multipurpose fluoropolymer affects everyone.

PTFE is extremely advantageous in the manufacturing & application of medical equipment due to its exceptional chemical resistance and chemical inertness, as well as its lightweight yet robust characteristics. PTFE tubing can be used to transfer harsh chemicals or medical instruments that require safe transit into the body during surgery because of their exceptionally low coefficient of friction. When it comes to guiding catheter ID (inner diameter), PTFE tubing is so lubricious, strong, and thin that it is ideal for instruments like stents, balloons, atherectomy tools, or angioplasty devices that need to pass through easily without the risk of snagging or obstruction. 

It can also prevent germs and other infectious agents from adhering to tubing and spreading diseases that a patient gets in hospitals because nothing attaches to this substance. Because of PTFE’s amazing qualities, there is always a requirement to attach it to another substance. The characteristics that make this material so appealing to manufacturers of medical devices also frequently lead to manufacturing issues during the development of new products and production.

Guide Catheter – A popular application of PTFE Liners

A Guide catheter is necessary for effective cardiac procedures. It serves as a support system for the interior supply of equipment, which lessens the complexity of the PTCA operation. Lasers, stents, and balloons for angioplasty are easily and smoothly placed with the help of a guide catheter.

The benefits of a guide Catheter are:

  • Excellent shape retention capacity giving maximum reliability for long-term operation
  • Frictionless internal movements in the vessel
  • Soft automated tip to reduce the damage to the tissues and vessels
  • Variable flexibility
  • Highly stable
  • Support for device & wire transport
  • Compatible with the lumen and other devices

The guide catheter extension system (GCES) is a helpful tool for interventional cardiologists, especially in difficult situations. GCES enhances guide backup aid during challenging PCI procedures and is crucial, particularly in cases of severe calcification and tortuosity.

What recent developments has DTC made in the production of its PTFE Liners?

DTC (Dutch Technology Catheters) is a renowned name in the manufacturing of PTCA products. They have made a mark in this field with over 50 years of experience in the R&D of PTCA technology. Recently, it launched its new production line of PTFE Liners in Singapore to bring innovative designs of this versatile product to the healthcare industry.

Fortunately, after a long time of research & developments in extrusion technology, the DTC experts designed the most versatile, thinnest & highest quality PTFE Liners, facilitating further convenience of the PTCA transplants. So, they are giving a great challenge to other companies to upgrade their product range to compete with their latest & advanced devices. To the top of everything, you can even design your customized products as per your specifications with them.

Summing up, if you are looking forward to buying the best quality PTFE Liners with the latest features & durability at amazing prices, then contact DTC experts & explore their product range. For expert advice, contact us now!

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