Dilators and Introducer Sheaths

Braided Catheter

Introducer sheath and dilators have been globally used in the medical industry to gain safe access to blood vessels.The introducers are proposed to get inserted percutaneously into a vessel in order to simplify the whole interventional practice.This would commonly be used because the combination of smooth surface and a seamless transition, or the balance between the flexibility and structural support, DTC’s extrusion experts can help you to customize the most demanding engineering goals.

Product Characteristics

  • Total Integrated fit tip tapering: optimal tapering design at the tip of the sheath and dilator for smooth penetration
  • Cross-cut hemostasis valve: effectively protects against blood reflux and air aspiration
  • There is a thin radiopaque sheath having an anti-kinking sleeve, this is for exquisite catheter handling
  • The snap-on/ click-off dilator lock forbids the back out of the dilator while inserting and allows one-hand unlocking
  • Radiopaque options: BaSO4, Bi2O3, Materials: Outer sheath – FEP ETFE, Dilator – PE PP, Multi durometer available.
  • There is a broad variety of kit variations that provide all the elements for brisk access to the vessel: 4 – 16 Fr sheaths, 5 – 25 cm lengths, Surflash or micropuncture metal needle
Introducer Sheath

An introducer sheath is a medical device that is used for venous approach in methods such as angioplasties. They can also be used for procedures like placing catheters. It holds a vessel open and allows doctors to insert other tools safely into the area where the device is needed. At DTC we have Medical dilators with tear away introducer sheaths and those are available with wings and valves.There is a variety of wing designs available for the medical sheaths including the tear-away introducer sheaths and grip-lock tear-away medical sheaths featuring a more fitting wing design for smooth removal.The medical sheaths are provided in a variety of materials which include high-density polyethylene, low-density polyethylene, and polytetrafluoroethylene.The Teflon tear away introducer sheaths feature a smoother tear away than other materials. Certainly, the valved tear-away introducer sheaths with dilators are devised to slash the probability of backflow . You can find the introducer needles in an extensive range of gauge sizes, hub configuration, needle lengths, and tips for the intensified certainty and control. DTC also stocks a variety of guide wire accessories in inventory.

Medical Dilators

DTC has a large selection of non-sterile & sterile surgical medical dilators and introducer sheaths with dilators as components. Surgical dilators are available with and without tear away introducer sheaths, as well as in various sizes and lengths.The range for french sizes of medical dilators varies from 4 FR – 16 FR and lengths from 4 inch (102 mm) – 8 inch (203 mm). Medical dilators are available in a variety of colors.The Materials for surgical dilators at DTC consist of high density polyethylene and polypropylene. DTC offers a vast variety of medical introducer sheaths with dilators and we have introducer needles in our stock fund.

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