The Ultimate Guide to PTFE vs. Teflon in Medical Instruments

The Ultimate Guide to PTFE vs. Teflon in Medical Instruments

With medical technology always advancing, the materials used in medical instruments have also evolved. PTFE and Teflon are two such materials that you must have heard about too often. But what exactly are these substances? Why are they important in medical instruments? And the million-dollar question: Is PTFE safe? What about Teflon?  In this guide, Read More

How to Identify Medical Grade PTFE Tubing: A Simple Guide

Little things count a lot when it comes to healthcare supplies and equipment, and PTFE tubing is no different. This medical tube is used in a wide range of medical devices, from catheters to surgical tools. However, not all PTFE tubing is appropriate for use in biological systems, particularly when patient safety and long-term usage Read More

The Importance of PTFE Lining

Understanding Guide Catheters: The Importance of PTFE Lining

The use of catheters is essential in medical procedures. The guiding catheter with PTFE lining pipe has become a key instrument in the healthcare sector among numerous forms. This blog article seeks to clarify the significance and advantages of these catheters while primarily emphasizing their PTFE lining. What is a Guide Catheter: A Comprehensive Outlook Read More


PTFE Liners: A Significant Breakthrough in Medical Sciences

PTFE liners are a major breakthrough in medical sciences, enabling doctors and researchers to use them for a wide range of applications. They are made from a lightweight and extremely durable material. It has been used for decades to make instruments and other medical implements, but only recently has it been adapted for use in Read More

PTFE Liners

Is it safe to use PTFE Liners in Catheters?

Before discussing the use of PTFE Liners in catheters for the medical industry, let us first understand PTFE Liners and catheters in detail. What does it mean by PTFE Liners? Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene with numerous applications.  PTFE is a thermoplastic polymer that can be molded and shaped at high temperatures. Read More

Catheters & Medical Balloons

Catheters & Medical Balloons – Dutch Technology Catheters

About DTC Dutch Technology Catheters is a Dutch-based R&D company that has specialization in the design & development of minimally invasive access & delivery devices. DTC has designed and developed high-tech PTCA balloon catheters by following the newest state-of-the-art technology. We are an innovative research & development organization that specifically focuses on high-tech PTCA design Read More

Catheter Shaft Intervention

Know about Catheter Shaft Intervention

To those who are not aware of the term, catheter intervention is a non-surgical procedure that helps to cure various diseases. Offering commercial and clinical assets, it is being widely used in the health care industry. To precisely use a catheter for handling operations, it is important to understand the mechanical properties of the catheter Read More

What is PTCA? A Brief About PTCA Balloons Catheter

What is PTCA? Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty or PTCA, which is more simply known as Angioplasty is a common and one of the least invasive procedures for restoring the blood flow is blocked and damaged coronary arteries. It is used to prevent coronary artery disease that occurs when the fat and cholesterol deposit form plaques Read More

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