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About DTC

Dutch Technology Catheters is a Dutch-based R&D company that has specialization in the design & development of minimally invasive access & delivery devices. DTC has designed and developed high-tech PTCA balloon catheters by following the newest state-of-the-art technology. We are an innovative research & development organization that specifically focuses on high-tech PTCA design technology transfer services & catheter solutions for complete in-house manufacturing solutions. 

With years of experience within the R&D PTCA space, we aim to transfer complete PTCA technology designs for helping and improving the quality of medical technology around the world. From the initial concept to picking the tech-transfer checklist that needs to be prepared, we offer all the component suppliers and finally fix up the complete commercialization. We are also experts in working on the conclusive need of customers within our PTCA technology. 

DTC manufacturing partners believe in delivering high-quality services to the customers and take it as their top priority. We provide continuous training programs and quality initiatives by investing in our people. 

Services Offered

Dutch Technology Catheters allow the customers a unique opportunity to own a ready-to-go PTCA system that is supportive by doctors across the globe. 

Read on to know about the services we deal in!

  • PTCA Technology Transfer – High-quality and market-proven PTCA designs for instant manufacturing & OEM capabilities. Our customer-centric technology transfer process makes it secure that needs and expectations are notably documented, translated into requirements and PTCA technology transfer project plans are well-executed on-time, within budget, and with full accuracy.
  • Product Design & Development – Proven, efficient, and effective robust design process that adds value to your development project at every single step
  • Manufacturing OEM Solutions – Balloon & balloon-tipped catheter, advanced Catheter Extrusions. Dutch Technology Catheter balloons are developed from specialty materials, low-profile and high concentric balloon tubing with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology.


DTC manufacturers have a list of products in their manufacturing list each with specific features and functionalities. Have a look!

  • Angiographic & Guide Catheter – Dutch Technology Catheters and Partners Guide catheter shaft manufacturing has the industry’s best cost to performance ratio. We are a reputed catheter shaft manufacturer OEM for high volumes and our facility is equipped with the latest technology in catheter shaft manufacturing and quality control
  • Braided Catheter Shaft – DTC has specialization in braided catheter shaft manufacturing and uses proprietary techniques for providing thin-walled, braided, and coiled catheters. It has a variety of braid density and configuration options with single and multi-durometer options
  • Medical Balloons – High feature and high-performance medical balloons with ultra-thin wall balloon tubing. It has dual and tri-layer balloon tubing, narrow walls & highest flare pressures
  • PTCA Semi-Compliant – The semi-compliant balloon catheter is precisely managed for converging the most challenging lesions and tracking tricky anatomy, tailored for every lesion size.

  • PTCA Non-Compliant – The non-compliant balloon catheter has minimal growth, robust rated burst pressure, and connects advanced accuracy and material engineering technologies for optimum dependability and deliverability


  • IV catheter tube OEM – DTC manufacturing partners are the leading supplier of IV Catheter Tubing to IV catheter manufacturers globally. This gives the customers a leading-edge by intensifying yields and reducing lead times. The materials used are Pebax, Nylon, Polyurethane
  • Peek tube – A thermoplastic polymer having properties that are supremely suited to various medical applications. It is a biocompatible material with excellent pushability and high tensile strength and low moisture absorption
  • Sheath Tubing – Dutch Technology Catheters has experience in medical extrusions solutions and sheath PTFE tubing for the global medical device community. Describing the features, it has excellent radiopaque visibility, smooth surface, and uniform wall thickness.
  • Tungsten Loaded Tube – DTC manufacturing partners have specialization in super radiopaque tubing made up of PU or Pebax and are highly loaded with tungsten. About its features, it has high tungsten loading up to 80%, hydrophilic coating compatibility. The application areas include guidewires, guide catheters, etc.

Bottom Lines

Dutch Technology Catheters offers manufacturing solutions and involved in complex intrusions, secondary processing, and new product development. There is a variety of catheter balloon material, sizes, shapes, and additional customizable services. We have the best value, PTCA experts, and deliver fast & reliable service to the customers. Visit for more information.

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